23 April 2019

The One Ring - End of Season 7

The One Ring

We finished Season 7 of our The One Ring RPG 'The Darkening of Mirkwood' inspired campaign tonight, brilliantly run by Paul.

(minor spoilers for The Darkening of Mirkwood follow)
The One Ring image - By Xander - own work, (not derivative from the movies), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1953341

This season saw our final confrontation with the Gibbet King, our nemesis since the early days. We managed to rally the Beornings after the disruption of Beorn's ascension with the Hunter and slay the Gibbet King's body. A hard autumn passage over the Misty Mountains got us to Rivendell for the winter, where we were happy to meet Elrond again.

After a short respite, we travelled to the Barrow Downs, unearthing a barrow to find a blade capable of destroying our enemy permanently. The wights inhabiting it were destroyed, and we headed north to Bree, and then to Fornost Erain and the North Downs. A hard passage across Angmar took us to Carn Dum, which we entered through tunnels that our new Noldor companion remembered of old. We penetrated the inner sanctum, dispelling wraiths and destroying the Gibbet King permanently as he manifested in a new body.

Fleeing, we quickly built a significant lead on the pursuing orc forces, but two of the fellowship nearly fell when we foolhardily attacked an orc patrol. We found evidence that the Enemy was coordinating with Angmar. Fortunately we prevailed, and rendezvoused with the Rangers, and then helped them destroy the orc forces.

We rest for the winter in Rivendell, awaiting our return to the east of the Misty Mountains. My Dwarf yearns for Erebor as it is more than two years since I was last home.

Our campaign will return.


1) Eyes of Sauron are nasty
2) Once you drop endurance below fatigue there's a potential death spiral as you drop equipment to avoid being weary.
3) We always felt threatened, despite having characters that are very highly developed.
4) It is fantastic to play an extended campaign in a world we love.
5) Bringing in a Noldor elf with an developed party works really well.
6) Jag, Elina and Simon are brilliant players who make this something I really look forward to.

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