14 June 2019

Marvel Musings - Here be spoilers....

Note: I wrote this a couple of months ago, and forgot to bring it live... as I've just started on Jessica Jones Season 3 it seems appropriate to post it.

Musing on the last few weeks worth of binges to catch up on Marvel Netflix...  I've watched Iron Fist Season 2, Daredevil Season 3 and The Punisher Season 2 in short succession, and it left a number of questions flying around in my head. There be spoilers blow the cut, obviously.

I'm going to miss these shows...

Why in Iron Fist Season 2 does Danny step away from the power when he is probably in the best place he ever has been to handle it? And how did his journey around the world make him decide to take the power back in a different way?

I like Karen Page more having seen Daredevil S3; her haunted past was touching and it was great to see one of the key supporting actors having her background come to the foreground. The Matt/Foggy/Karen relationship reforming was one of the highs from the series.

I find myself liking The Punisher far more than I think I should. Frank Castle is almost too simple; he tears himself apart when he thinks he's killed three innocents but as soon as people he trusts say 'it's okay Frank, you didn't kill them' - without explaining why this was the case - he's up and at 'em, ready to carry on the same way that he has before. Or is he? Does the fact that he doesn't kill the Senator mean that he has changed?

I loved the switch when Madani managed to detach her emotions enough to realise that Dumont was playing her and allied with Russo. The conversation when they both know the other knows was delightful. I was thinking that we'd find out the Dumont's past was darker than it was shown; I wondered if she had actually pushed her father out of the window.

I kind of feel sorry for John Pilgrim; his character is far more complicated than it originally seemed, and I kind of feel that he was manipulated and used. I do wonder about whether his wife was in a similar place?

I've got to admit I'm gutted that they're closing these series down now. At least I have Jessica Jones Season 3 to look forward to. Of course, a Season 2 of The Defenders would have been the perfect way to close it out.

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