27 May 2019

First Impressions - Alien Quickstart

So, the Alien Quickstart dropped last night just before 11pm so I stayed up to read it.

Some quick thoughts:

* This is very much an evolution of Coriolis, but more brutal.
* It's very pretty.
* You have four stats, and 12 skills (3 linked to each stat)
* Four character types - Frontier Colonists, Space Truckers, Company Reps and Colonial Marines.
* Usual Year Zero Engine - roll a handful of dice from stat + skill + gear looking for 6s (actually a star on the special dice you'll be able to get).
* Pushing a skill roll (re-rolling failures except facehuggers) adds a stress level
* Certain situations (like being jumped by a xenomorph or finding out your colleague is an Android) generate stress levels.
*Stress levels act as extra dice you must use. They can generate extra successes (because you're stressed and more focussed) but if you roll a 1 (facehugger) then you panic.
*Panic is bad. You roll a D6 plus your current stress level. Low results mean you are scared and a bit flakey, high results can result in paranoia, violence or catatonia. Certain character types can go the full Hudson and attack things instead.
* You can lose stress by relaxing and feeling safe.
* Resource management can be important (Air/Water/Food/Power) and running out has mechanical effects and adds to stress.
* Cinematic mode will be brutal on characters.
* Cinematic mode runs in three acts. Each character has a personal agenda in each act.
* Completing personal agendas gains you a story point. This sits with the player (not the character) and can be spent for an automatic success (ie a 6 roll).
* Agendas can drive PVP. Once it escalates, the GM can take over a character and they become an NPC.
* The cinematic mode scenario in the game is likely to chew through incautious characters. Fortunately, there are plenty of spares.
* The scenario does recognisably feel like an Alien film.
* The Xenomorph stats have a random roll table for 'special moves'. You can roll this, or just pick and make it up yourself. Looks like the tables in Forbidden Lands.

The production values are really high. The art is great. It will definitely catch the feel of the films. The material presented is more aligned to a one shot rather than a campaign (but the campaign material is not presented in this). The rules seem comprehensive and thought through and there are few errors in the text.

Definitely pleased that I ordered this.

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