25 March 2019

First Impressions - Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure Box
Deep Sea Adventure, a small boxed game
A fortnight ago, I went into Harrogate with Nathan to get him some new trainers for fencing, and once we'd finished that errand, we popped into Games Crusade, a local boardgame shop near the theatre at the centre of town.

Nathan picked two games - Cat Crimes and Deep Sea Adventure. We tried both out while we were away.

Deep Sea Adventure contains a submarine template, an air tracking counter, meeples for divers and a selection of ruins (potential treasure) and blanks. The players share an air supply which starts to deteriorate once ruins (treasure) is picked up. Each item of treasure costs a point of air each turn, and you only have 25 total.

The game is simple and played in three rounds.

Each player takes a turn as follows; decide direction of travel, decrease air by number of treasures carried, roll 2d3, move that far, chose to pick up a treasure up to the maximum, or drop one down. Each treasure also reduces your dice roll by one, so six would mean you can't move.

The treasure counters are set in long path, getting deeper (further from the sub) each time. More valuable treasures are lower down.

Players take turns until they run out of air (in which case all carried treasures are dropped) or they're all back on the sub, at which point the round ends. Treasures brought back are scored, and the player with the highest amount is the winner at the end of all three rounds.

It was quite good fun - I realised that a Traveller GM at last years Travcon had used a riff on this in an asteroid adventure. I think we'll be playing it again as it landed well with the whole family.

Oh, you should visit Games Crusade if you get a chance, they're knowledgeable friendly people.

25 March 2019

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