24 March 2019

Catching up with old friends

I managed to get some more of the Lyonesse writing done on Friday, in the gap between work and leaving to head down the M1 (with fingers crossed that Yorkshire Truckers for Brexit weren’t going to be in the way).

Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars
We travelled down to Stourbridge to catch up with some old friends, Jon and Becks. I’ve known Jon since we shared a house at the University of Southampton; we’ve kept in touch ever since but it’s been more sporadic since they moved to Germany when he took up a role in the aerospace industry. They’re some of the people who have been hard done by with the referendum - no say in something that fundamentally affects their lives because Cameron pitched it as an advisory vote.

The service was in an old, grade 1 listed church, St Thomas’. The connection to Stourbridge was that the vicar was a friend of theirs from Germany who used to preside at the Anglican Church there. 

We had a lovely day, also catching up with Ceri (my former lab partner in the first year of university), Nick and their daughter. As all these days go, you find yourself wishing you had more time to just chat with old friends, like you did back in the day. We played a few board games back at the Premier Inn, but it wasn’t a late night.

Family Group

We’ll work our way home today, probably stopping off at Cadbury World to give the kids a bit of fun.

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